Featuring: The Red Hand Gallery, Denver, CO.


The motto of the Red Hand Gallery is: ‘Creative sexuality is living art’ and this Colorado space celebrates ‘fetishism’ (and define that word any way you like) and sexuality truly as an art form with ‘the scene’ regarded as a creative performance. These performances are offered in various multimedia experiences coming at participants from all directions and the ‘art’ in the space ranges from performance to videos, to paintings and photography, all having one thing in common: the subject matter in one way or another relates to various expressions of sexuality.

The Red Hand Gallery opens its doors to the public for a monthly ‘First Friday art walk’ in addition to designated gallery hours. Artists from all over the globe are getting involved, with a new one featured each month. Artists who have been featured thus far include Julie Simone (USA), Catasta Charisma (U.K.), Robert Babylon (U.K.), and a variety of artists local to Denver.

Events at the Red Hand Gallery are designed to motivate people to participate as well as observe…there is a heavy emphasis on ‘play’ here.

The studio/gallery itself has lots of character-the space was actually once an alley-with two buildings joined some time back. There is a docking bay which serves as a stage located in the largest room which features a 24 ft high ceiling. There are 6 active rooms, each room very different, housing art installations that change frequently.

The Red Hand Gallery really is as much a social experiment as art space and we are thrilled to feature them, ‘opening’ their doors, if you will, here online to your poking around. If you get out to Denver go on by and tell them we sent you.


Poke around here when you get the chance:

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