Covered: JLo, Tess Holliday and our own Sabina Kelley

VG9-mag CVR1[2]Surely we are familiar with magazine covers of beautiful models (just see Sabina Kelley on our new Von Gutenberg issue #9.) These days women-and men-make the cover of a magazine for a multitude of reasons; for their beauty, their celebrity, for some present controversy they might be mining for the obligatory 15 minutes of fame. And sometimes what’s on the cover of a magazine, whether that magazine is a high couture fashion magazine or a weekly light entertainment publication, gets more press and is often even more interesting then what’s between the magazine’s pages for that issue.

Of course, this isn’t the case with V.G. #9!

Here’s two examples of covers that caught not just the eye but the blog ‘o scribble of many (this blogger included) this week.

In what seems a trend of late, another ‘larger’ size lady has made news posing for a magazine. This week we see Tess Holliday, a size 22 model, landing her first cover; she will appear on the front of the June 1st issue of People. Boasting 707, 000 Instagram followers, signed with MILK, already having worked for Torrid and Benefit, this plus-size model is certainly a popula…of a decidedly bigger size then is usually seen.

Continuing to stun (though God knows it’s not unusual with someone with this kind of world-wide visibility to keep themselves in shape) Jennifer Lopez is shocking the world once again, this time on the cover of the ‘best body issue’ of Us Weekly. Much is being made of the swimsuit JLo’s wears on this cover, showing as it does “reverse cleavage” coming as it does right after Lopez showed off copious “underboob” in her Charbel Zoe gown at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards last week.jlo-us-weekly-thatgrapejuice-600x814

Will we see more plus size women on the covers of magazine? We will be lucky enough to possibly catch “side boob” next time from JLo…have you ever seen a better background then the Las Vegas desert on our Sabina Kelley cover? Who can say. But somebody out there has probably got you covered.

The Stars Are ‘Stacking’

Our stars are ‘stacking’.  No, I don’t mean breast implants….though God knows there are lots of them out there in Hollywood. What I am on about is this latest fashion accessory, stackable rings. Lady’s like Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, plus plenty of others not as notable are sporting what US Weekly’s fashion director calls a totally ‘on trend’ trend of mixing and matching contrasting metallic Though to be sure, Lopez managed to ‘stack’ with her Norman Silverman diamonds at the most recent Grammy’s and Rihanna had brought out Neil Lane pieces. None of us are probably going to be sportin’ such high-end shine, still stacking can be done with cheaper ring clusters like these from Forever21Loud Love Jewelry or do some snaking around from Ariel Gordon.

Don’t be surprised if we see this stackable trend for other jewelry, you know how these things catch like wildfire. One celeb wears her dress backwards and others follow so it becomes a fashion trend, a little striking make-up becomes a big splash. I opine we might see (if we aren’t already) stacking any number of jewelry and accessories. It’s just a matter of time.
But for now consider what or if you are going to stack…then go out and get to it like J-Lo and or RiRi.


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