Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair & Bruce Jenner

bruce-april27Furthering our opining about covers…it seems none other than Annie Leibovitz, photographer of the stars and a star herself, has been slated to snap Bruce Jenner transformed for the cover of Vanity Fair. As we have all recently seen the ex Olympiad, Kardashian step-dad still as a man (even with the longer hair, fingers nails and post specific surgeries) this ‘coming-out’ of Jenner will most likely prove the high fashion/celebrity reveal of the year.

When you have shot such iconic covers like a pregnant Demi Moore, or a Whoopi Goldberg in a milk bath you do get the plum assignments to be sure.

What exact summer issue this sure-to-be-controversial cover will be for, is not yet certain. What exactly will one see of ‘Her’ as Bruce Jenner called his female self in his Diana Sawyer interview, no one knows. Will there be an extensive interview with Jenner as well the couture culture magazine, this has all yet to be declared by V.F. What is known though is that the timely Leibovitz shoot and whatever Vanity Fair runs coincides perfectly with Jenner’s new reality ‘docu-series.’

This 8-episode show will supposedly be focused on Jenner’s cosmetic concerns through his transformations, as it will his social life and his golf game, something he/she is and will be continuing to be serious about. How this all measures up in the modern exploit-reality-voyeurism cable T.V. culture, or if Jenner’s show, being about the subject it is, will make a dent in helping the mainstream understand the transgendered (as Jenner has said it hopes it does,) will no doubt be bandied about by all who even give the show a passing viewing.

For now what is assured is that Leibovitz and Vanity Fair will make quite a splash on what might just be the most talked about cover on a high fashion (or any) magazine this year.

Dior Homme, Vanity Fair and Kelly Osborne


You know how I like to cobble together fashion tidbits from time to time? Well, here are three new items you might find interesting…

Is it any surprise Dior Homme is at it again presenting provocative images in an ad campaign? This time none other than lanky and at times quite pale (when he’s playing a tween heart throb vampire) Robert Pattinson is featured in the new mostly black and white pics.

Replacing Jude Law as this year’s male heartthrob, Rob lays about with model Camila Rowe in and around a bathtub, twirled in a sheet and in a bedroom; Pattison is featured solo on both a NYC rooftop, as well as sitting on the roof of a beach house.

None other than Ozzy’s little girl Kelly Osborne declared a hearty “It’s happening” of a clothing line she proposed starting last year. Claiming the clothes will be “very me — quirky,” Kelly also claims that her life long struggle with her weight, being as she calls herself an “FFP: Former Fat Person,” means she will be designing her clothing line to “fit all shapes and sizes.”

Though criticized by some (though God knows how or why) for being too buxom Kate Upton has landed the cover of the 100th Anniversary issue of Vanity Fair in a gold one piece shot by Annie Leibovitz. There are more amazing shots of the equally amazing (and busty) Upton inside the magazine.

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