Go West Young Man…Westward Bound!


R1155MAINCreated from a mix of London’s punk explosion and the city’s Soho ‘clubland movement’ of the late 70’s/early 80’s Westward Bound embraced what they call “the dark side of the New Romantics” with first their infamous fetish club Der Putsch, then their bed-and-breakfast/dungeon in Cornwell in 1978…the first time they used the actual name Westward Bound. Blasting onto worldwide attention in the ‘Scarfe on Sex’ documentary in 1991, the Westward Bond brand was soon seen across worldwide televisions as well as magazines from the UK’s Sunday Mirror to Argus in South America.

What they call their ‘retail edge’ was begun in 1992 via specialty mail order, while their clubs were closed. A Westward Bound shop emerged in 1995 with a website following in ’97, with the shop closed now for exclusive online buying only. Having built their reputation providing the widest range of latex designs in the world and offering a wide variety of sizes and stunning high fashion colors, customers can order from the extensive Westward Bond stock or request custom orders.


Westward Bound is a consistent supporter and friend of Von Gutenberg..and vise versa.

Here’s how to get in touch with this high end latex couture house: http://westwardbound.com/index.numo

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Our Middle Name Is…

Looking above the VON GUTENBERG name on the magazine and on our website (hell, everywhere really) you will find this trio of words: Fashion.Latex.Lifestye. While the end words are subject to interpretation the middle one isn’t and as such we feature designers making it, models wearing it and spend lots of time pondering the wonderfully diverse material that is latex and how is impacts fashion and lifestyle. Certainly at VON GUTENBERG we are interested about cloth and leather, lace and denim, and we feature dresses, hats, goggles, gloves, shoes and just about everything else we can get our grubby little hands, hopefully presenting it all to you in a truly unique way. But latex outfits like dresses and catsuits, corsets and skirts are some of our ‘favorite things’, as the song goes.

If you delve into the V.G. portal or hit an event or two listed in our Fantasy Even List you’ll find plenty of friends who’ll be sporting outfits you’re bound to drool over, those who will share their latex fashion secrets with you (and those that won’t) and plenty who will lead you to the many places around the globe where you can find the very coolest-and latest-latex outfits, either right off the rack or custom made, by shopping in a store or buying off line.

Some of our favorite houses, ones we work almost all the time are Syren, Polymorphe (actually, here’s a Polymorphe’s latex care article, something that’s super important for any latex lover: http://www.polymorphe.com/index.php/en/customer-service/latex-care) and Westward Bound.

You might be an absolute freak for denim, taffeta might be your reason for living or you simply might like to wrap yourself in any material that you can afford and never give a care for what an outfit is made out of just as you like you in it. Rest assured though if you have a penchant for something specific there are people out there just like you and places to buy what you want. This is true for lovers of latex or people just interested in it.

Here at Von Gutenberg you know we are as interested in latex as you are.


So, Let Me Tell You About Bianca Beauchamp

Sorry to say I am not available for every shoot we do at Von Gutenberg. Yes, I jump at the opportunity to interview our captivating ladies in person (oh yeah, to lube them too, I almost forgot about the lubing…tee hee) Though I had the pleasure in issue # 6 to feast my eyes upon, in person, the incredible woman-ness that is Mimi Cherry, Deanna Storm and Miss Mischief, I did not enjoy that same pleasure with Bianca Beauchamp.

But this doesn’t mean I like the lady any less.

Bianca, like our cover girl Mimi, is a Canadian lady. She was the first model to dedicate her whole web site-Bianca’s Latex Lair-to latex fetish erotica, has worked with Playboy and has hosted fetish events in the U.S. U.K., Germany and Montreal. In her photo shoot for us she wore fashions from Westward Bound, Polymorphe and HWD Design and wore them so well her pictures are incindiary! If you have yet to see them, might I refer you to pick-up the marquis latex lifestyle magazine (if I might be so bold to say) here.

If you would like to explore the world Bianca Beauchamp, you can do so here: www.biancabeauchamp.com.

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Um, You Know, There Are Earlier Von Gutenberg Magazines…

I have been pushing our just released issue #6 with covert girl MiMi Cherry, story contributions by Midori, M. Christian, great photo essays from Westward Bound and Syren, plus fantasy artwork by Armanado Huerta, Ed Mironiuk and plenty of other stuff from plenty of others filling out the issue. But I hope you have seen, are aware of, or might want to get yourself a copy of our issues 1-5…all unique collector’s editions in their own right.

You can get those magazines here: http://www.vongutenberg.com/shop/ . You’ll see number # 6 pop-up right at the top of the page, with beautiful MiMi, but scroll down to the left hand column under BESTSELLERS for the other issues. Those issues include cover girls like Jean Bardot, fetish superstar Perish in never-before published photos, RUBBERDOLL Jewell Marceau, 2010’s Mister SF Leather (VON Gutenberg’s first male model) and of course all the usual coverage of past fetish events and interviews with scene makers, our models and designers.

So get a copy of issue 6 now and catch-up with the rest of the Von Gutenberg magazines if you don’t yet have them.

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