art undressedBoasting as “South Florida’s sexiest Art Show” ARTundressed celebrates the artistic, humorous, and sensual aspects of creative nude art; both in visual and performance arts. Since its inception, this event has toured many different countries and numerous cities from all over the world, including Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin (Germany), as well as Montreal and Toronto (Canada). The collection of exhibited artworks is always top-notch showcasing some of today most talented, creative, renowned artists and photographers.

Those submitting to ARTundressed undergo a very calculated and selective process for the show to feature top local, national and international artists, exhibiting some of the best nude art that exert the highest level of creativity. In addition to displaying the best creativity in the nude art genre, a great amount of effort is spent on complimenting the “visual arts” portion of the event with Outrageous Fashion and Tantalizing Entertainment including Top International Deejays, Live Music, and Sexy Performance Art.  Attending the ARTundressed event is truly a memorable, interactive, and erogenous experience.

ARTundressed is known as a “Creative Nude Art” Festival based on the simple fact that, although the event encompasses a lot more attractions than just the art exhibition, the principal element of its essence is depicted by high-quality, unique, provocative and very creative work of art.The entire art collection is fun, humourous, inviting, thought-provoking, and sparks interesting conversations mainly from the co-relation of the subject to the innate sense of self.

The ARTundressed International Art Exhibition is now opened for submissions to all artists worldwide.

To submit go to the |Info| menu of the website and click the “To Submit Your Art” page in the ‘Registration’ section, or access the form directly via this link:

As you know reading Von Gutenberg, coming to our blog, in all the things we do we celebrate all expression of art. You can see our ‘expression’ in our issue #8, click the links below to see it. And be sure to get your art undressed!



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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: Wedding Dress Blues?

angelina-jolie-wedding-veil-childrens-designsNew bride Angelina Jolie once told Marie Claire magazine that: “Artists raise their children differently.” Maybe this is true for artists with big bucks, where ‘differently’ is often synonymous with ‘expensive.’ But beyond the fact that it sounds more than slightly pretentious when anyone calls themselves an ‘artist’ (it’s like calling yourself a rebel) there’s no denying that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got their artistic kids involved in their wedding on 8/23.

When American royalty marries-and let’s face it Hollywood celebs are indeed American royalty-it is big news…even if the American royalty marries in France, like Brad and Angelina did. But beyond the big news about the day, and the pictures from it, what seems to have hit the net is how involved Brangelina’s kids actually were in the ceremony.

Beyond ten-year-old Pax baking the cake (as Jolie said “all eight of us are getting married,”) she might indeed be rearing her kids differently than the everyday mom’s and dad’s when one considers her Luigi Massi tailored dress came complete with a veil covered with the couples’ many kids’ drawings.

“Vivienne, Knox and, indeed, all six of our children are such wonderful artists,” the 39 year old daughter of Jon Voight said. “And what better place to reflect their creative talents than my gown.”

Jolie’s veil and train sported motorbikes, Eiffel Towers, “mouse-like creatures” and other artwork rendered by the kids. The words “buttock fattock” were also embroidered on the back of the dress, just about where one’s buttock fattock would be.

Fashion statement or question? New trend for wedding dresses of the future? A celebrated couples’ overindulgence of their kids? A slap in the face to wedding couture the fashion world will never recover from? Who truly knows. All that is true for now is that the world is talking about Brad and Angelina’s wedding, and their kids once again.


There’s no kids involved with Von Goutenberg Couture. Take a look here:

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech: Ladies & Gentlemen, Once Again Science & Fashion Meet


At the 2014 U.S. Open, happening right now, we will see ball boys sporting the newest high tech T-shirt available, the Ralph Lauren Polo Tech.

This “smart shirt” with biometric tracking capabilities carries the recognizable Ralph Lauren couture touchstones, basically the shirt has a giant yellow Polo logo on its front, but its ultra scifi innards were developed by OMsignal. Basically a snug black nylon compression shirt the tee has conductive threads woven into it with a small snap-on module (what Ralph Lauren call the “Black Box) that relays information- heart-rate and breathing data-to a Bluetooth-connected to iPhone or iPad.

In addition to the above, both an accelerometer and gyrometer help track the number of steps a wearer takes and their calories burned.

This shirt is the first public showing of this new line from Polo, right now specially fitted for tennis, but certainly going to be expanded come the Spring when it debuts to the general consumer. The Black Box will be made smaller. And Ralph Lauren claims the technology here will move past pure high fashion tech statements into monitoring of all kinds. For now at the U.S. Open specifically, this shirt can help answer questions about ball boys’ health, standing-out in the sun for countless hours as they do, running sprints across court to gather balls. And truly this shirt is for ball ‘boys’ having been developed only for males presently. But Ralph Lauren promises another of their advancements will be making the shirt for both sexes.

Wearable tech is a burgeoning field…in science and fashion. The overall wisdom is that even if these items are technically technical, in the end when it comes to wearing anything, for whatever purpose, a designer stepping in to give their name or distinctive branding will certainly make the consumer more comfortable to buy the product.

You can be plenty comfortable in and buying anything from our Von Gutenberg couture line. See here.


Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” Video, Fashion Product Placement

Well, it’s no surprise the new Nicki Minaj video for her new single “Anaconda” is getting a lot of attention…and a lot of views. The singer is certainly dressed (or undressed, see here) quite provocatively in what amounts to pretty much a video clip celebration of her celebrated body part (there might be a song in the midst of all that gyrating and skin showing.) But also the video is a modern day testament to great fashion product placement, maybe the best use of fashion product placement any of us have yet seen.

In the video and quite a few stills from it Nicki sports a pair of Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro GS Sneakers in Game Royal color. She also wears a beige Beach Bunny Runny Hot Underwire Bikini Top and Black Faster by Mark Faster mesh leggings. How do I know? Well all this stuff (and more) can be found on the site

Steak Her Style not only hosts a whole bunch of Nicki’s clothes from the past-every time she steps out she seems to be sporting some designer wear-but they host a whole bunch of celebrities doing the same thing…basically being seen in public in clothes that the public can get their hands on.

It used to be we never truly knew who was wearing what in a music video. It was enough we’d get amazed at styles, hairdos and make-up effects. But we live in a world where all information is disseminated at the blink of an eye, if you want to know something you can damn well find it out. Why shouldn’t a designer, couture house, alternate wardrobe maker not be able to advertise their wares if in fact the public cares, as they seem to these days.

We want the information, we get the information. Whether we are Googling for facts on our smart phone the second someone posts a question or we watch the new single “Anaconda.”


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Fetish Map London 2014/15

FMLcover8.2Our friends at PictureRama Publishing have released their latest Fetish Map London 2014/15, the UK’s leading map of all things fetish..and where to find the kinky and alternative. We report on the publication of each new map, thrilled as we are to announce this issue #8 as much as to champion non vanilla styles and lifestyles across the globe.

Good old London town attracts an abundance of fetish, kinky, alt. enthusiasts, old pros and newcomers both looking for essential information on clubbing events, dungeons, shops and meeting places. Whether one is a tourist, visitor from within the UK or happens to live/work/play in London, it cannot be stated enough that the grand old city is a haven for eccentricity, good times and safe play. The Fetish Map London recognizes all London and its outlaying areas have to offer by listing over 200 shops, clubs, services, munches, body art, hair and beauty, bars, parties, and annual events where hundreds of kinksters gather year after year.

As you’d expect the map features the full Pandor’s Box of pansexual possibilities: fetish, BDSM, TV, gay, bisexual, and kinky and reveals venues, saunas, bars, and meeting places for all tastes and inclinations.

Fetish Map has checked all listings to ensure authenticity, and researched the places they list for their readers’ convenience, saving us all time and effort in the time and effort they took to check things out.

Issue 8 boasts a wider array of advertisers and listings, covering much more than ever before and expanding its international reach the map supplies its fans with more then with what London has to offer.

In conjunction with PictureRama’s Fetish Map publication they also have revealed a reissue #3 of this year’s Burlesque Map London, specifically focused on that sexiest of live performance art. These unique maps are the perfect companions (see their YouTube promotions here: Fetish Map London:

Burlesque Map London:


See our own issue #8 here:

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Listening and Learning From Madam Marvelous

madam marvelousYolanda Dunderdale is Madam Marvelous when she’s feeling rather evil, naughty, darkly fetish…all wonderful juicy alternative personality traits we happen to champion here at Von Gutenberg. A performer combining dance/spoken word/comedy and singing in her performance art pieces Yolanda is a provocateur of the highest order, making her life and work in the vibrant environs of New York City.

She regards her music as a mix of rap and dance music (her single: Broom Bitch can be bought/heard here) and like all artists regards what she does as an ever evolving expression of who she is.

Anyone who has stopped by this blog a time or two or who have read the magazine knows we are as much about giving space and time to painters, writers and musicians as we are latex designers, models and photographers. In our experience we’ve met so many interesting talented people it’s a shame we don’t have the time and space to include them all in our pages.

But Yolanda as herself or Madam Marvelous is one of those people that simply exudes a bright welcoming energy you can’t help but be drawn-in by. I met her not in her Madam Marvelous persona but liked her instantly and as I learned there was a Madam there ready to “crack the whip and lead as Yolanda” she says of the dichotomy of the sides of personality, I yearned to learn more about the lady and hear her music.

yolanda w broom

I urge you to go to her site, buy Broom Bitch here: or here and find her at or twitter@madammarvelous1

Might I urge you as well to give the writers of Von Gutenberg a try by checking-out our first ever ebook release, All the Word’s A Rage.


Photo credit 1st ‘grill’ picture: Albert Massiah

Photo credit 2nd blue brush” Madam Marvelous

Eva Green Stirs A Fashionable Controversy in “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”

o-EVA-GREEN-SIN-CITY-A-DAME-TO-KILL-FOR-570If there was one movie that truly displayed a unique visual style (about as unique as the comic book it was based on) it was “Sin City.” The metallic black and whites, the color washes, the film noir vibe and over-the-top characters shone very much like well-lubed latex; hell, the fashions of the costumes could certainly be called alternative, if not outright fetish at times. The first Sin City (released in 2005 ) was a feast for the eyes, the follow-up, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” being released 8/22, looks like another sumptuous feast…it might also prove controversial. Coming from directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller (Miller is the writer of the comic and this movie) the sequel is already mining some press…due to its wardrobe (or lack of one) on a main character played by Eva Green.

The ABC network (owned by Disney who has already curtailed some programming on the network and its cable offshoots) would not air the new Sin City trailer. The claim here is that Eva Green simply exposes too much of herself in the strategically open white robe she wears in the trailer and poster. Her outfit (or lack of one) makes the lady “appear to be naked” the network says in two scenes in the recently released trailer and the powers-that-be over at ABC rejected airing the clip on its stations.

The Sin City poster of Green in that naughty outfit was also taken to task by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Though edits on Green’s attire were attempted from the movie studio that made “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” they did not mollify ABC. But as Green herself told Vanity Fair “I’m not naked. It’s suggested.” But it would seem the suggestion is too much in this case and good press or bad, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” is getting attention because of its fashion sense.

Controversy through alternative fashion is what Von Gutenberg courts as well. See our issue #8, featuring Megan Massacre for all the sin in our city. Find our the issue in these formats:



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(Victoria’s) Angels Getting Married: Behati Prinsloo marries Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo engagedBehati Prinsloo married Maroon 5’s/The Voice’s Adam Levine on Saturday. From their seemingly whirlwind engagement in the summer of 2013, to a wedding that saw 200 strong flood the Floral Farms in Los Cabos, the super celeb couple hosted the obligatory Facebook posts, blogs about the nuptials and well wishers in their stepping-out as man and model.

Behati is Namibian born, becoming main lady of Victoria’s Secret sub-brandPrink in ’08, then a full flegged “Angel “ (yes complete with wings) the next year. She has walked the runway for Chanel, Zac Posen, Miu Miu and many others and has appeared on many fashion magazine covers…Vogue, L’Officiel and “V” to name but a few.

And because a wedding is all about the bride really-poor Levine just had to show up and look metro handsome-bloggers (such as yours truly is about to) made note of her Marchesa gown and Victoria’s Secret Angels Candice Swanepoel and (ex Angel) Erin Heatherton flittering around in their Rory Beca dresses.

Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine played during the ceremony (as did the rest of the band later) as well as Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Sublime during the reception planned by star wedding planners Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove.

Handsome, well known couples are certainly all the rage across the blog-o’-sphere. But whether or not the meeting of two people supporting super busy high profile careers a good marriage makes, time will tell in the case of Prinsloo and Levine. Still the affair seems to have made all the necessary news sources, plumped-up a goodly amount of fashion news and fed all our voyeurism for a least a day or so.

But Victoria’s Angels keep us all hopeful and lighter of step, knowing our wishes might come true, especially when they light down to earth to marry modern-day rock stars.

And go here to find stuff to make you look like a rock star, model, angel…or even a  devil:

What Jen Selter Teaches Us Jen Selter


Jen Selter literally has social media ‘on her ass’…and what a celebrated backside it is. The 20 year-old fitness model has built herself into an Instagram sensation with 4 million followers and a celebrity built as much around her fitness routines as her round bottom.

But the lady takes her modeling to often empowering heights. Just this past week the comely brunette added a picture of herself walking on a beach in a sexy small bikini (what else would she be wearing?) along with the motivational message:

“Be so busy loving your life that you have no time for hate, regret or fear.”

It might come to pass that all this self-attention could turn around and bite Selter on the butt (so to speak). Who knows what the future brings to and with celebrity built on the capricious wind of social media (some people have thrived because of it, others not). One thing is certain though models, musicians, sports stars, politicians even are enjoying up-to-the-minute recognition (good and bad both) over what they do, say, create, reveal across cyberspace. Does one need do or say something truly long lasting to sustain themselves beyond the simple fashion of the day, or is a motivational message an arresting yoga pants selfie, a controversy enough? Maybe in this day and age obsolescence is a foregone conclusion and fashion of every stripe should be changing at even ever blistering quick pace? Maybe if we learn nothing else from our faster-then-fast, look-at-me culture is that one needs to be constantly evolving their image and ideas and a career lasting a few moths should be celebrated, those lasting a few years is a paradigm long extinct.

Here’s Jen’s Instagram account: her site:…and all the various ways you can enjoy Von Gutenberg issue #8:



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Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig Neil Patrick Harris

Starring in both his first-ever Broadway role as well as in the first-ever Broadway production of the now iconic rock trans musical, Neil Patrick Harris is revealing to audiences why he won a Tony award for his turn in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

This wild interactive musical is an alt. fashionistas dream, a kinksters scene and a shot-in-the-arm of to the big Disney-fied Broadway fare clustering-up the great white way these days. With song titles like “Angry Inch” “Wig in a Box” “Exquisite Corpse” and “Sugar Daddy” you have to know you are not getting The Lion King here or even mainstream kinkiness of Kinky Boots. Shows like Hedwig hardly ever make it to Broadway (the original Hedwig production that enjoyed much critical acclaim had a long run at an off-Broadway house).

It’s Harris’ celebrity and skills that make this revival so popular…and sold out. A T.V. star in his own right, from his years starring in “Doogie Howser M.D.” to being part of the ensemble cast of “How I Met Your Mother” he has proved a talented song-and-dance man, hosting the Tony’s himself in 2009, 11, 12 and 13. He’s also been out since 2006 and his raising two children he and his partner David Burtka adopted from a surrogate mom.

What makes “Hedwig” very cool from a fashion/theatre arts perspective is as much the animation featured into the action as well as how quickly the costume (and mostly wig) changes occur…on stage, in real time of the action. In fact there is only one real moment when Harris is actually off stage for a change, ducking down out of sight during a song, then back up in a totally different look. Once again it speaks to the talent backstage as well as on to make a show like this run smoothly, something Harris actually spoke about when he thanked his dresser during this Tony acceptance speech this year,.

A star-turning performance of rock and roll transgender sublime and high fashion art is occurring at the Belasco Theatre with Neil Patrick Harris recreating Hedwig And The Angry Inch.

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