Kayne Masks, Naughty Halloween Costuming and ‘Evolving’ In Hollywood


As I always try to keep you ever abreast of fetish/latex/sexy/super hip stuff I figured why not report these latest stories here at end of Oct., fitting as they do not only the Von Gutenberg ethos but having a little taste of this time of year.

Check out this YouTube video from the brand new Sexually Evolved store: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP6i5IFVYLM. They boast over 1200 costumes (plus all the usual stuff you’d expect from an adult store). As their president Emily Aleece says: “Halloween is a sexy time and singles and couples should really experiment during the season…and beyond. And, we’re the go-to spot to get sexy for Halloween.” And while surely every adult shop is going to make this claim this time of year a store located in Hollywood of all places (at 6434 Hollywood Blvd. between Vine Street and North Highland Avenue to be exact) might just have what you’re looking for.

Did you know Americans spend 2.6 billion in costuming for the ghoulish season?

Not that music stars haven’t been down this road before (I’m thinking about Prince donning a mask for this “Thieves In the Temple Video”) but good old Yeezus himself is sporting masks in concert on his latest tour. Kayne West has been covering his face in concert for a few years now still; by all accounts he is truly kicking things up to high fashion with what he’s sporting on his latest tour.

The costume face coverings are from Parisian designer Maison Martin Margiela and have ranged from a tiled covering that seems as if Kayne has simply thrust his kisser into a disco ball to one seemingly haphazardly covered with jewels…all the masks completely cover the rapper’s face.

Why the masks you ask. Well as Kayne West himself says: “I haven’t figured out the whole backstory. Sometimes it’s just the freshness.”

Though I’d venture to guess there’s not a whole lotta ‘freshness’ going on after Kayne sweats into those mask each night.