Listening and Learning From Madam Marvelous

madam marvelousYolanda Dunderdale is Madam Marvelous when she’s feeling rather evil, naughty, darkly fetish…all wonderful juicy alternative personality traits we happen to champion here at Von Gutenberg. A performer combining dance/spoken word/comedy and singing in her performance art pieces Yolanda is a provocateur of the highest order, making her life and work in the vibrant environs of New York City.

She regards her music as a mix of rap and dance music (her single: Broom Bitch can be bought/heard here) and like all artists regards what she does as an ever evolving expression of who she is.

Anyone who has stopped by this blog a time or two or who have read the magazine knows we are as much about giving space and time to painters, writers and musicians as we are latex designers, models and photographers. In our experience we’ve met so many interesting talented people it’s a shame we don’t have the time and space to include them all in our pages.

But Yolanda as herself or Madam Marvelous is one of those people that simply exudes a bright welcoming energy you can’t help but be drawn-in by. I met her not in her Madam Marvelous persona but liked her instantly and as I learned there was a Madam there ready to “crack the whip and lead as Yolanda” she says of the dichotomy of the sides of personality, I yearned to learn more about the lady and hear her music.

yolanda w broom

I urge you to go to her site, buy Broom Bitch here: or here and find her at or twitter@madammarvelous1

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Photo credit 1st ‘grill’ picture: Albert Massiah

Photo credit 2nd blue brush” Madam Marvelous