the aesthetik for the ultra stylish dark individual

MARQUIS AMERICA recommends The Aesthetik, an awesome corsetry, simply beautiful.

Continuing our “Steampunk Goes Fetish” coverage, we feature some very special corsets from alt goth designer The Aesthetik.

The Reversible corset allows you to choose two fabrics, in keeping with the utilitarian Steampunk ethic: you can have pinstripe on one side and the wonderful Alexander Henry tattoo print on the other.

Another Steamy style is the V-Rivit corset, seen below;



The Men’s Corset is sharp and stylish, perfect for a night at the Gentleman’s Club.




The Peplum Corset Coat is the steamiest style of all, with potential to please both a uniform fetishist and a Neo-Victorian looking for a riding habit to wear on her Penny Farthing.




From the atelier of the Aesthetik comes this design philosophy:

I love my Goth roots, my black weeping willow.  As with my cultural heritage I am not strictly bound by those social rules.  There are only so many “Romantic Goth” or tight PVC club outfits one can design before it all looks alike.  The gothic wardrobe is not just club wear.  I design for the Epicurean Goth, to them it is a lifestyle.  My customer requires a broader range of options as a goth or alt. lifestyle individual.  There will not be the need to run home and change because three other people are wearing the same outfit. What one liked as a “baby bat” – the nylon Halloween cape with red lining – may not be what you wear now – floor sweeping opera coat with feather delecatage.  The Aesthetik offers an evolution of gothic design from the “Gothling” in high school, wearing Hot Topic, to the  “Sophisto-Goth”.  Welcome home you ultra stylish dark individual; we embrace you.

Source: MARQUIS AMERICA and the aesthetik

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