The Basics

Look below at that picture, it celebrates one of the most iconic sexy scenes of modern day cinema with our dear sweet Marilyn Monroe. This is a statue that was recently unveiled in Chicago and while I think it would be a gas gas gas to walk right up to the lady’s legs and get a gander up that skirt this reminds me more of the sweet basis of sex:

1.) A paddle with holes, the stunted deer-hide tethers of your favorite flogger, a belt looped hard and tight…sure all of these are good for those who have been naughty in your life, but how ’bout the basics of pulling him or her over your lap for a little bare OTK?

2.) The thigh-high leather boots, the latex choker, the long leather duster…whatever happened to her modeling a nice tight pair of high-cut panties or him a tight white tee with no sleeves?

3.) Hitting that kinky event weekend far from home where you partake in the seminars and nighttime playing in the makeshift dungeon…or simply staying home on the couch for a shared foot massage and whatever else comes from it.

I am as much for the pony-play, diapering, suspension end of the spectrum as I am for the the getting into position to piston one’s hips like a jack hammer. I like all the bells and whistles of buckles and bows, marquis one-of-a-kind outfits as I do enjoying the classic little black dress or a girl wearing an over-sized sweatshirt. Like that famous subway breeze blown image of M.M. sometimes it can be the simple basic sexy that gets to you as much as anything else.




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