Von Gutenberg Weekly Toy Review Blackstyle Latex Catsuit

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Blackstyle of Germany – Latex Catsuit
Mmmm rubber – how I love thee!!

My love affair actually started about five years ago – before that it was just a crush… I loved black and shiny but had no idea how much better the latex looked and felt compared to the PVC that I had been wearing for many years.

I was at a fetish event dressed in my favourite uniform when I walked in the club. He was standing by the bar dressed head to toe in a latex catsuit. It was shiny and black and fit him like a second skin. We did get the chance to chat for a bit and the urge to touch his well muscled body was almost overwhelming! He had me hooked!

The look, the feel of it either next to your own skin or being able to touch it on someone else… The smell is intoxicating! Those of you who love your leather – its the same experience for rubber. I have worn leather out to many events though and it is not as intimate or erotic as rubber. People are drawn to the stuff and want to touch it – to get that tactile sensation of what it feels like. I had to get used to being touched and caressed by complete strangers! Now it is second nature.

Ahhh but I digress…

Over the past few years that I have been playing and going out in rubber I have learned the difference in thickness and quality that designers offer for sale. I’ve learned to look at the seam quality as there is nothing more heart breaking than having your favourite outfit torn beyond repair!

Blackstyle of Germany screams quality! The wonderful folks at Blackstyle popped one of their classic catsuits in the post for me to review.

Every Rubberist, whether male or female should have one of these in their rubber closet. It goes with everything. Add socks, gloves and a hood and you have total enclosure. Sexy boots and a waist cincher and you have clubwear. One of the most versatile pieces you will ever own.

Blackstyle offers many styles and colors for their catsuits. They are .35mm. The quality of latex is absolutely beautiful – it takes very little shine to make the latex gleam! The inside of the latex is etched to make it easier to get the outfits off and on. The three way zipper goes from crotch to the back of the neck to offer easy access at play time. The seams throughout the catsuit are perfect – no wrinkles or bubbles. The edges are all rolled and finished.

For you ladies that are well-endowed such as myself, I am happy to say that there are darts to accommodate your larger chests!

Lets just say it looks hot! My playmate was speechless.

So all you Rubberists – go and give Blackstyle a look. They are nice folks to work with and their shipping is super fast!

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