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Jimmyjane’s Ember Massage Candle

For all of my vanilla friends out there who want to take an easy dip in the kinky side of the pool – Jimmyjane has a cure for what ails you – the Ember Massage Candle.

jimmyjane_massage_candleWith more than 72 hours of burn time in this delightful porcelain container – this innocent looking candle has a little bit of a naughty side!

The wax in these candles liquefies into an oil which you can pour all over your intended victim and then give them an all-over erotic body massage. Unlike pouring hot wax on someone – this will not burn. It is simply pleasantly warm and extremely good for the skin.

Several blends of aphrodisiac scents are available. Each scent combination has a base note and a top note that blend together to create the perfect atmosphere. The “wax” is made from a proprietary blend of spa quality ingredients that nourishes and softens the skin after it is massaged in.

As usual, the candles are another quality Jimmyjane product that looks lovely on any night stand.

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